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      A material is a chemical substance or mixture of substances that constitute an object. Materials can be pure or impure, a singular composite or a complex mix, living or non-living matter, whether natural or man-made, either concrete or abstract. Materials can be classified based on different properties such as physical and chemical properties (see List of materials properties), geological, biological, choreographical, or philosophical properties. In the physical sense, materials are studied in the field of materials science.
      In industry, materials are inputs to production or manufacturing processes. They may either be raw material, that is, unprocessed, or processed before being used in more advanced production processes, either by distillation or synthesis (synthetic materials).
      Types of materials include:

      Biomaterial, of biological origin
      Composite material, composed of multiple materials with differing physical properties
      Textiles, sometimes referred to as "material"
      Genetic material

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