Meet the Team

Michael Seneadza

Michael is a Stanford University-educated Electrical Engineer turned Trader and Software Developer from Los Angeles, CA who currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Michael has been trading stocks actively since 1999. Over the years he switched from swing / position trading to day-trading and back to being a swing trader. He formerly founded and blogged at TraderMike.net.

Find him online:

Contact: SwingTradeBot@gmail.com

The Story

SwingTradeBot was born from Michael's need to become more efficient with his nightly market analysis. He wanted a tool which could both find new trading candidates as well as help him manage stocks he already cared about -- those in his portfolio or on his watchlist. These make up the primary features of the site.

Every night around 6 pm New York time the *bot* produces the results of its technical analysis pattern scans. Users can choose from a wide variety of scans to quickly find new trading candidates matching their trading styles. The bot also annotates watchlists and portfolios with important technical events that happened to their constituent stocks during each trading session. This allows users to quickly see any warning signs in their portfolios or possible entry points on their watchlist stocks.

New features are continuously being added to the site. You can check the blog for updates.