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A Lot Of College-Educated People Are Losing Money In Penny Stocks
9 days ago by

Retail investors can't seem to stay away from penny stocks, especially those that claim to be involved in legal marijuana or cryptocurrency....

8 ideas after you take a large loss as a trader to propel improved trading results
10 days ago by Bella @ SMB Capital

I treated my dad to Game 3 between the Yankees and Red Sox last night.  I was pumped all day for the game.  Admittedly, I spent more than I should have for seats.  But I am a huge Yankees fan.  And my dad and I used to have season tickets for years before his health issues.  Even my son was ... Read MoreThe post 8 ideas after you take a large loss as a trader to propel improved trading results appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Ep. 700: Tom Basso Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
12 days ago by Trend Following Radio

Tom Basso is back for episode 700. Tom is featured across Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizard” series and most famously known as “Mr. Serenity.” He was featured on episode 400 of Trend Following Radio with a mega 4 ½ hour episode, and today he is back for this new episode. Now retired from managing client money, Tom was president and founder of Trendstat Capital Management. He became a registered investment advisor in 1980, a registered commodities advisor in 1984, and was elected to the board of the National Futures Association in 1998. Although Tom has been retired for over 15 years he still gets emails daily from aspiring traders. While on vacation with his wife, they came up with a more efficient solution to answering all these emails. Tom decided to start an educational platform that he more candidly describes as a “Tom Basso brain dump into a website.” He has had 28 years of experience managing money and over 40 years of managing his own money. With all that knowledge, hi...

Viewing and Reviewing Your Trading
12 days ago by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. @ TraderFeed

An excellent, successful SMB/Kershner trader I've known for years recently made a Q&A video where he shares valuable lessons from his development.  One of the important points he makes is the crucial role that review plays in honing trading skills.  I can vouch for the fact that he reviews his trading religiously every...

Can Individual Traders Succeed In Financial Markets?
13 days ago by Dr. Brett Steenbarger

In any elite performance field, whether it be golfing, acting, chess, or Olympic sports, many are called and few are chosen. The proportion of participants that ultimately make a solid living from their performance is quite small. The important questions pertain to the talent, skill, and development factors that differentiate the elite few from the others...

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The Art of the Drop
about 1 hour ago by Alizah Farooqi @ Gartner L2

Here's how sneaker savant Adidas did up its drop game through digital tactics.

Instagram’s New Bling
about 2 hours ago by Alizah Farooqi @ Gartner L2

If you've been watching Instagram, you may have noticed a new category catching up on the platform. 

Buying Market Pullbacks
about 2 hours ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

In this video from Steve you’ll learn how to buy the SPY during an intra-day pull back. The post Buying Market Pullbacks appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Solarwinds: Headwinds For This Offering
about 2 hours ago by SA IPO Analysis

Stock Market Crash Coming? Or Are We Okay?
about 4 hours ago by Steve Burns @ New Trader U

This is a Guest Post by AK of Fallible AK has been an analyst at long/short equity investment firms, global macro funds, and corporate economics departments. He co-founded Macro Ops and is the host of Fallible. Is a stock crash coming? Are we about to start a bear market? Find out in this video. The […]

MWL: What’s Hot, What’s Not - Sentiment Update (10.19.18)
about 4 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Mary Ellen McGonagle returned with What’s Hot, What’s Not. She talked about hot and cold industries/sectors and the important stocks to know in those areas. Erin presented the Sentiment Update and discussed whether participants are bearish enough.

Power Charting: Secrets of how stocks move revealed (10.19.18)
about 4 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Stock covered: CMG. Power Charting program is conducted by Bruce Fraser and Roman Bogomazov and is devoted to Wyckoff Method analysis.

The Cisco Of Pot Makes Another Key Purchase
about 4 hours ago by SA Editor's Picks

How Do You Trade Price Action?
about 5 hours ago by Steve Burns @ New Trader U

Price action is replacing opinions and predictions with valid signals. A signal is a quantified reason to enter a trade, stay in a trade, and exit a trade. An entry signal can be based on price alone or a technical indicator. An entry signal should give you a better chance of profits than randomness. A […]

BLS: Unemployment Rates Lower in 9 states in September, Six States at New Series Lows
about 6 hours ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

From the BLS: Regional and State Employment and Unemployment SummaryUnemployment rates were lower in September in 9 states, higher in 4 states, and stable in 37 states and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Sixteen states had jobless rate decreases from a year earlier and 34 states and the District had little or no change. ... Hawaii had the lowest unemployment rate in September, 2.2 percent. The rates in Arkansas (3.5 percent), California (4.1 percent), Idaho (2.7 percent), South Carolina (3.3 percent), Texas (3.8 percent), and Washington (4.4 percent) set new series lows. (All state series begin in 1976.) Alaska had the highest jobless rate, 6.5 percent. emphasis added<a href="

Hoth Therapeutics Files For $10.5 Million IPO
about 6 hours ago by SA IPO Analysis

SI-BONE: Fairly Valued Medtech After Opening Day Jump
about 7 hours ago by SA IPO Analysis

Activist Soup Ad is Mmmm Mmmm Good
about 7 hours ago by Matt Levine @ Bloomberg View

Also index providers, unicorn IPOs and fraud enforcement.

Aurora Shareholders Just Got A Little Richer
about 8 hours ago by SA Most Popular

A Few Comments on September Existing Home Sales
about 8 hours ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

Earlier: NAR: Existing-Home Sales Declined to 5.15 million in SeptemberA few key points:1) The key for the housing - and the overall economy - is new home sales, single family housing starts and overall residential investment. Overall this is a reasonable level for existing home sales, and the recent weakness is no surprise given the increase in mortgage rates.2) Inventory is still low, but was up 1.1% year-over-year (YoY) in September. This was the second consecutive year-over-year increase in inventory, and the first YoY increases since May 2015. 3) As usual, housing economist Tom Lawler's forecast was closer to the NAR report than the consensus. See: Lawler: Early Read on Existing Home Sales in September.   The consensus was for sales ...

AMD: What If The Stars Align For EPYC?
about 8 hours ago by SA Most Popular