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Tough Advice For Aspiring Traders
8 days ago by Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. @ TraderFeed

Recently, I have received an unusually large number of emails and messages from new traders who have been encountering problems--and losses--in their trading.  The majority have opened up their own accounts and are trying to learn on their own and eventually make a living from their trading.

How to improve your trading in 2019
9 days ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

In this webinar, you will learn the good and bad habits that impacted trader performance this past year for our traders. Learn what is working and what is not on our trading desk, from professional traders, to help you grow your trading account.The post How to improve your trading in 2019 appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Bad trader habits that you must fix
11 days ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

In this video we share the bad habits we see holding traders back. For those who want to learn how to improve your trading by eliminating the bad habits holding you back as a trader, we hope this video helps.The post Bad trader habits that you must fix appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

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Oil: Rig Counts Rose Again
about 3 hours ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

A few comments from Steven Kopits of Princeton Energy Advisors LLC on February 17, 2019:• Oil rig counts rose again, +3 to 857. This is not what oil prices would have suggested.• Horizontal oil rig counts fell modestly, -4 to 754• After last week’s loss of 3 horizontal oil rigs, the Permian lost an additional 5 this week• Breakeven to add rigs fell to $54 WTI compared to $55.50 WTI on the screen as of the writing of this report. This is the first time breakeven has been below the posted oil price in months.<img alt="Oil Rig Count" border="0" src="" style="border: 1px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); float: right;...

Ep. 738: Creativity Wins with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
about 5 hours ago by Trend Following Radio

Creativity Wins with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio.

Momentum Monday – Everyone Back In The Stocks Pool?
about 5 hours ago by Howard Lindzon @ Howard Lindzon

As a reminder, Marketsmith (by Investor’s Business Daily) is now a sponsor of the weekly show. All the charts you have been seeing in the videos and will continue to see are from Marketsmith. They are offering my readers a three week trial for $19.95. Click this link if you would like to try it out. Onwards… Weekends are a very important time for me to catch up on markets. I like seeing weekly charts and not having the distractions of the work week to digest the prices. Continue reading Momentum Monday – Everyone Back In The Stocks Pool? at Howard Lindzon...

TRADING COACH PODCAST 146 - Planning Your Trading Around Your Life
about 5 hours ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

TIER ONE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP An accountability session with one of our members, talking about going from trying to find direction in his trading to being able to work his trading around his life and focus on becoming consistently profitable.    Please remember to SHARE this episode as well as leave a rating & review of the TCP Thank you

Avantor IPO: Preliminary Thoughts
about 8 hours ago by SA IPO Analysis

Russell 2000 Approaches 200-day MA; S&P Breaks 200-day MA
about 9 hours ago by Declan Fallon @ Fallond Picks

It was another day bulls chalked up a victory and indices posted gains across the board. Some indices did better than others but there is no clear weakness to work off yet.The S&P was able to break past its 200-day MA on higher volume accumulation. However, it's coming up against declining resistance. The MACD has already cleared comparable resistance with new highs which would suggest the S&P will be able to do likewise. Other technicals are in good shape and only relative performance (vs the Russell 2000) is underperforming.<img border="0" data-original-height="800" data-original-width="620" src="

TDI Podcast: The Cult of The FinPro (#600)
about 13 hours ago by The Disciplined Investor (The Discipl... @ The Disciplined Investor

A quick update on markets, triple tops and what an overbought condition actually means. Plus – Why are some FinPros trying so hard to be different (and genuinely do think that they’re being different), by rejecting anything they deem to be too popular? Simply ridiculous and we get into it. Follow @andrewhorowitz More information on […]

The Bear’s Wall of Resistance: $SPY Chart 2/17/19
about 14 hours ago by Steve Burns @ New Trader U

Chart Courtesy of The RSI is at 69.96, a break and close above the 70 RSI that leads to a new uptrend is a rare event, this is usually the location of at least a short term pullback as the $SPY becomes overbought. The previous price resistance levels were around $280 on the last […]

Sunday links: a fun hobby
about 17 hours ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

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No Matter What, You Have to Compete
about 17 hours ago by Jeff Carter @ Points and Figures

I went to the Chicago Blackhawks game last night.  I am not a hockey expert, but I like watching the Blackhawks play.  The United Center wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t full either.  The national anthem was still stirring.  I hope …

Is It A (Bull) Trap?
about 18 hours ago by SA Most Popular

Bert's Recent Purchase - AbbVie
about 18 hours ago by SA Most Popular

Top 10 trading tweets of the week
about 19 hours ago by Bella @ SMB Capital

#10 Trading Tweet #9 Trading Tweet #8 Trading Tweet   #7 Trading Tweet   #6 Trading Tweet #5 Trading Tweet #4 Trading Tweet #3 Trading Tweet #2 Trading Tweet #1 Trading Tweet *no relevant positions     The post Top 10 trading tweets of the week appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Is A 2019 Stock Market Crash Coming? Is The Bear Market Here?
about 20 hours ago by Fallible Financial Entertainment @ Fallible YouTube Channel

Get rid of your trading FOMO with our free guide: In this video we’ll review whether a stock market crash is coming and whether the bear market is here. The latest BofAML Fund Manager Survey is out and provides an interesting look into just pessimistic asset managers remain. The most important takeaways in my opinion are the strong overweighting to cash and now crowded positioning in emerging markets. The allocation to cash is now at its highest level since Jan 09’. I keep saying this but again this is not how long-term market tops are formed. For a significant bear market and/or market crash you need to have excessive risk taking and over-positioning (ie, use of leverage) leading to investors getting over their skis. According to BoFAML, the US saw record equity outflows over the past 3-months totalling $82bn, equivalent to 2% of AUM. This is consistent with “US equity bearishness at ‘events’ & ‘big lows’ of past decade”. That capital has rotated...

Consolidation In Silver
about 21 hours ago by SA Most Popular

Weekly Commentary: No Holds Barred
about 21 hours ago by SA Most Popular

Reflections On Nemaska's Bombshell
about 21 hours ago by SA Most Popular