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North American Financial 15 Split Corp. Description

North American Financial 15 Split Corporation is a mutual fund company that invests in over 10 financial services companies in Canada and the United States. It offers two types of shares: preferred shares and class A shares. Its investment objectives with respect to preferred shares are to provide holders of preferred shares with cumulative preferential monthly cash dividends in the amount of over 5.25% annually and to pay the holders of the preferred shares a certain price per preferred share on or about the termination date. Its investment objectives with respect to class A shares are to provide holders of class A shares with regular monthly cash distributions and to permit holders to participate in all growth in the net asset value of the Company for a specific price per unit, by paying holders on or about the termination date such amounts as remain in the Company after paying a specific price per preferred share. Its investment manager is Quadravest Capital Management Inc.

Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Asset Management
Keywords: Financial Markets Financial Dividend Financial Services Mutual Fund Dividends Preferred Stock Net Asset Value Split Share Corporation

Binx 5 months ago

Wow, what has caused this to jump?  I failed to set a stop loss when I bought it back at about $6, and sat on this dead dog ever since.  Nice to see it rocketing up

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Cos3 4 months ago

i've been stopped out on a similar etf that play options strategy... when they loose money they stop paying dividend to keep the cash and pay only to the preferred shares... so if they stop paying divident it drop and when they call to restart the payment it start to climb... and they also said they are increasing dividend

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CleverDuck922 4 months ago

I am waiting for it to pass the $5 threshold again.  Quadravest has not been great to me.

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