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Solactive is a German provider of financial indices based in Frankfurt. The company develops, calculates, and markets cost-efficient indices over several asset classes, e.g., Equity, Fixed-Income, and Commodity indices. Besides, Solactive also engages in the development and branding of complex strategies, which are not based on traditional underlyings such as stocks and bonds, but instruments like funds, life insurance products, or basket of currencies.
Since its inception in 2007, Solactive has enjoyed fast growth. In 2010, there were 25 ETFs linked to indices calculated by Solactive, which reached more than 450 ETFs in October 2019. To date, Solactive calculates over 11.000 indices, which are used not only for ETFs but also as underlyings for structured products or as benchmarks for active funds.With its headquarter in Frankfurt, Solactive also has further German offices in Berlin and Dresden. In 2017, the first overseas office was established in Toronto, followed by an establishment of an office in Hong Kong in 2018, ensuring coverage of all time zones for the company’s global client base.
Solactive has adopted a forward-looking approach to index development seeking to capitalize on market movements and trends to constantly bring new index ideas to the market and has put in place an efficient indexing infrastructure guaranteeing fast and flexible services to its clients.Managed by Steffen Scheuble (CEO), Christian Vollmuth (CRO), Timo Pfeiffer (CMO), and Dirk Urmoneit (CIO), Solactive is organized in two business units Research and Indexing.

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