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Volume Stock Scans
There's currently only one pure volume-based scan in the system -- the Volume Surge scan. It identifies stocks which traded more than three times their average daily volume. While it may be used alone it's probably most useful when used in a Combo Scan. However, that's not truly necessary because you can also sort any scan's results by "Volume vs. Average" The Parabolic Rise and Pocket Pivot scans also take volume into consideration as a factor in their calculations.
Name Description
Parabolic Rise Stocks which are in the midst of an extremely sharp rally. They are very extended and may be ripe for a pullback.
Pocket Pivot As defined by Dr. Chris Kacher: A pocket pivot is when a stock closes up and the volume for that day is higher than any volume for a down day in the prior 10 days.
Volume Surge Volume was much stronger than normal today