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IPO Stock Scans
These scans limit their results to recently listed stocks (within the last 6 months or so). Another way to view recent IPOs is on the recent IPOs page. So you'll essentially see the same stocks on the Recent IPOs page and the "IPOs & New Listings" scan, but there are some difference. The scan will let you filter out stocks based on price, volume, etc. The scan is also available to use in a combo scan. The Recent IPOs page will let you sort the stocks by how close they are to a new high or how many days they've been trading.
Name Description
Hot IPO Pullback Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading II'):
  • Stock must trade at least 15% above its offering price within its first five days of trading.
  • Then wait for a two - to - four day pullback. This could be any combination of lower lows, lower closes, inside days, etc.
  • After the second, third or fourth pullback day buy 5 cents above the previous day's high.
  • Place your initial protective stop at the previous day's low.
  • Hold the position from one to five days using trailing stops.
    1. IPOs & New Listings Recent IPOs and/or new listings.