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High Volatility Stock Scans
This set of scans finds stocks which are undergoing an increase in volatility. That could be a one day event (ex. a wide range bar or outside day) or a multi-day move (parabolic rise, wide bands).
Name Description
Expansion Breakdown Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
  • Day 1 (today) - Stock must make a two-month calendar low.
  • Day 1's range must be the largest of the previous 9 trading days.
  • For the short sale: tomorrow only, sell 10 cents below today's low.
  • Initial maximum risk (stop loss) 1 point above Day 1's close.
  • Thereafter, use a trailing stop.
    1. Lower Bollinger Band Walk Stocks which are walking down their lower Bollinger BAnds
      Parabolic Rise Stocks which are in the midst of an extremely sharp rally. They are very extended and may be ripe for a pullback.
      Upper Bollinger Band Walk Stocks which are walking up their upper Bollinger Bands