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Breakdown Stock Scans
This collection of scans is used to find stocks which have broken support based on some criteria. That could be price dropping below a moving average, dropping below the lower Bollinger band, or making a new low in price. Momentum-based short-sellers may want to use these signals as entry criteria. On the contrary, some bullish contrarians may want to use these signals as part of their own bullish entry criteria to catch bears off-guard in whipsaw situations
Name Description
Below Lower BB Stocks which closed below their lower Bollinger Band.
Crossed Above 200 DMA Price rose above the 200-day moving average
Expansion Breakdown Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
  • Day 1 (today) - Stock must make a two-month calendar low.
  • Day 1's range must be the largest of the previous 9 trading days.
  • For the short sale: tomorrow only, sell 10 cents below today's low.
  • Initial maximum risk (stop loss) 1 point above Day 1's close.
  • Thereafter, use a trailing stop.
    1. Expansion Pivot Sell Setup Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
    2. Today's trading range must be greater than the daily range of the past nine trading sessions.
    3. Either yesterday or today, the stock is trading at or above the 50-day moving average and explodes lower.
    4. Tomorrow sell short 10 cents below the explosion-day low.
    5. Our initial protective stop is 1 point above the explosion day's close.
      1. Fell Below 20 DMA Price dropped below the 20-day moving average
        Fell Below 200 DMA Price dropped below the 200-day moving average
        Fell Below 50 DMA Price dropped below the 50-day moving average
        Lower Bollinger Band Walk Stocks which are walking down their lower Bollinger BAnds
        New 52 Week Closing Low Price made a new 52-week closing low
        New 52 Week Low Price made a new 52-week low