Stocks in the Shell Companies Industry

Sector: Financial Services

Symbol Grade Name % Change
AAC.P F Anacott Acquisition Corporation 0.00
ADC.P F Adagio Capital Inc. 0.00
AIMF.P D AIM6 Ventures Inc 0.00
ALDD.P F ALDD Ventures Corp. 0.00
AOCC.P C Artrari One Capital Corp. 0.00
AROW.P F Four Arrows Capital Corp 0.00
AVR B Avaron Mining Corp 0.00
BAV.H D Bravern Ventures Ltd 0.00
BECN C BEACN Wizardry & Magic Inc 13.33
CEBI F CE Brands Inc 0.00
CIII.P F Cuspis Capital III Ltd. 0.00
CVI.P F Compass Venture Inc 0.00
DPCC.P F Deal Pro Capital Corp. 0.00
DRAX.P D Draxos Capital Corp 0.00
ECCV.P C ECC Ventures 5 Corp. 0.00
EPF D Everyday People Financial Corp 6.10
EVP.P F EVP Capital Inc. 0.00
FONC.P F Florence One Capital Inc. 0.00
FRS.P F Farstarcap Investment Corp 0.00
FYRE.P F Spitfyre Capital Inc. 0.00
GHM.P F Gotham Resource Corp. 0.00
GODB.P F Goodbridge Capital Corp. 0.00
GOWC.P C Can-Gow Capital Inc. 0.00
GTM.P D G2M Cap Corp. 0.00
HEC.P F Haviland Enviro Corp. 0.00
HO.P F H2 Ventures 1 Inc 0.00
HVII.P F Hopefield Ventures Two Inc. 0.00
ICY.P D Iocaste Ventures Inc. 0.00
JHC F Jinhua Capital Corporation 0.00
JJJJ.P C J4 Ventures Inc 0.00
KAC.P F Kalon Acquisition Corp 0.00
LDB.P C LDB Capital Corp. 0.00
LILL.P F Little Fish Acquisition I Corp 0.00
LOG.P D Logica Ventures Corp 0.00
MAN.P F Mandala Capital Inc. 0.00
MAND.P F Mandeville Ventures Inc. 0.00
MEED.P B Meed Growth Corp 0.00
MERG F Metal Energy Corp 0.00
MFA.P F Mayfair Acquisition Corporation 0.00
MINK B Mink Ventures Corporation 0.00
OAC.P C Oa Capital Corp. 0.00
PEM.P F Penbar Capital Ltd. 0.00
PMKR A Playmaker Capital Inc 0.00
PTN.P F Proton Capital Corp. 0.00
RAC.P D Riverwalk Acquisition Corp. 0.00
RMB D Rumbu Holdings Ltd 0.00
RSC.P C Rockmount Capital Corporation 0.00
RUCC.P B Rupert's Crossing Capital Inc. 0.00
SATO C Canada Computational Unlimited Corp -2.13
SAWC.P F Sayward Capital Corp 0.00
SHRP C Sherpa II Holdings Corp 0.00
SOLI.P F Solid Impact Investments Corp. 0.00
SOO.P F Spectre Capital Corp 0.00
SPSA.P F SP Strategic Acquisition Corp. 0.00
STUV F Stuve Gold Corp 0.00
TCK.P D Trillium Acquisition Corp 0.00
THP C Totally Hip Technologies Inc 0.00
TIP.H C Tyner Resources Ltd 0.00
TMET F Torr Metals Inc. 0.00
VAL.P F Valencia Capital Inc 0.00
VCC.P D Veteran Capital Corp 0.00
VIP F VIP Entertainment Technologies Inc 0.00
VOC.P B Victory Opportunities 1 Corp. 0.00
VYC.H C Vanity Capital Inc 0.00
WWA.P F Whitewater Acquisition Corp. 0.00
YAY.P F Toronto Cleantech Capital Inc 0.00
YVR.P D Badger Capital Corp 0.00
ZZE.H F Zidane Capital Corp 0.00

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      Date Stock Signal Type
      2024-02-23 EPF Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
      2024-02-23 EPF NR7 Range Contraction
      2024-02-23 JHC Expansion Breakdown Bearish Swing Setup
      2024-02-23 JHC Stochastic Reached Oversold Weakness
      2024-02-23 JHC 20 DMA Resistance Bearish
      2024-02-23 JHC Volume Surge Other
      2024-02-23 MERG New Downtrend Bearish
      2024-02-23 RSC.P Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
      2024-02-23 SATO 180 Bearish Setup Bearish Swing Setup
      2024-02-23 SATO Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction
      2024-02-23 SATO Fell Below 20 DMA Bearish
      2024-02-23 TCK.P Narrow Range Bar Range Contraction

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