Stocks which Triggered: Gap Down Closed Intraday Alert

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Stocks which gapped down and then rose far enough so that today's high was equal to or greater than the previous session's close. (Here's a good source for more detail on the difference between full & partial gaps as well as ideas on gap trading strategies.) *** Filtered by your default parameters: Minimum Price: 1.0, Maximum Price: 999999.0, Minimum Volume: 10000
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Stock Grade % Change Processed At
MCB A 0.00
CMI C 0.93
TECH A 0.42
SGD B 0.20
DXG A 0.98
GRT.UN C -0.07
TUD C 0.00
LIFT D -1.87
ASTL B -1.25
QQC A 0.31

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