Stocks which Triggered: Rose Above 20 DMA Intraday Alert

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Stock Grade Time
EMH about 1 hour ago
FNV about 1 hour ago
VPY about 2 hours ago
AUP about 2 hours ago
CNQ about 2 hours ago
EBM about 2 hours ago
XQB 1 day ago
RVX 1 day ago
VPY 1 day ago
XGB 1 day ago
CLF 1 day ago
VAB 1 day ago
XBB 1 day ago
XLB 1 day ago
CLF 2 days ago
EMH 2 days ago
ATZ 2 days ago
XQB 2 days ago
XSB 2 days ago
ATZ 5 days ago

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