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How The Fed Controls The Economy | Federal Reserve Explained
2 days ago by Fallible @ Fallible YouTube Channel

Get rid of your FOMO with our free guide: This episode of Real Vision’s The One Thing with AK Fallible is all about the Federal Reserve and how they control the economy. To understand why investors pay so much attention to the Fed, we need to go back to 2008, when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke saved the world economy! Well, some people may disagree… but back then during the crisis, liquidity was drying up and the economy was grinding to a halt. So the Fed and the treasury had to do some pretty drastic, unconventional things to fix it. First the Fed took interest rates to zero. Then they started taking bad bonds off bank balance sheets and putting them onto their own. And after that that they eventually hit the markets with Quantitative Easing. Now QE, as everyone calls it, is where the Fed actually bought treasuries, which suppressed interest rates and flooded the market with cheap, free money. And that’s why they called Bernanke “Helicopter Ben”, because it ...

Bert's November Dividend Income Summary
2 days ago by SA Most Popular

Daily Insider Ratings Round Up 12/6/18
2 days ago by SA Most Popular

On the issue of 3x vs 2x leveraged ETFs
2 days ago by Troy @

You need to login to view this content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us The post On the issue of 3x vs 2x leveraged ETFs appeared first on Bull Markets.

Lack of Leadership Points To Lower Equity Prices
2 days ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

Two weeks ago we wrote that the weight of the evidence was suggesting the major indexes in India were getting ready to resume lower. While we were a few days early, most have resolved their consolidations lower. So the question now is, will they continue lower or will they be able to base and head […] The post Lack of Leadership Points To Lower Equity Prices appeared first on All Star Charts.

Ep. 718: Time to Blame the Computers Again with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
2 days ago by Trend Following Radio

Time to Blame the Computers Again with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio.

Monday: Job Openings
2 days ago by Bill McBride @ Calculated Risk

Weekend:• Schedule for Week of December 9, 2018Monday:• At 10:00 AM ET, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey for October from the BLS. From CNBC: Pre-Market Data and Bloomberg futures: S&P 500 are down 16 and DOW futures are down 165 (fair value).Oil prices were mixed over the last week with WTI futures at $52.58 per barrel and Brent at $62.15 per barrel.  A year ago, WTI was at $57, and Brent was at $64 - so WTI oil prices are down about 10%, and Brent prices down about 3% year-over-year. Here is a graph from for nationwide gasoline prices. Nationally prices are at $2.42 per gallon. A year ago prices wer...

Above the 40 (December 7, 2018) – Right Back Where the Stock Market Started, But Worse
2 days ago by Dr. Duru @ Dr. Duru

AT40 = 25.5% of stocks are trading above their respective 40-day moving averages (DMAs)AT200 = 23.4% of stocks are trading above their respective 200DMAs (just off a 32-month low)VIX = 23.2 (as high as 24.7)Short-term Trading Call: cautiously bullish CommentaryI am surprised the stock market has yet to close in oversold conditions. AT40 (T2108), the ... Read more

Nearly 20% Downside Ahead In Tumeric?
2 days ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

There have been many whipsaws in the Commodities’ market as of late, with few intermediate-term trends allowing us to trade them with well-defined risk. Every now and again the market provides us with a clear opportunity, this time it’s in the form of a breakdown in Tumeric. Last week Tumeric Futures broke down from a […] The post Nearly 20% Downside Ahead In Tumeric? appeared first on All Star Charts.

The Future of IPO’s
2 days ago by Howard Lindzon @ Howard Lindzon

Before I get into it…this made me laugh: Onwards… I might as well chime in with my 4 cents on IPO’s. In 2017 it was all about the ICO’s which was probably the cycle low for IPO’s. As we now know, the ICO was a mostly awful distraction. I participated in just one ICO – Civic (a portfolio company of Social Leverage) – which saw incredible gains and now has fallen below the pre-sale price of 10 cents. Continue reading The Future of IPO’s at Howard Lindzon.

Trading Coach Podcast 116 - Taking Control of Your Life
2 days ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

There are many ways to go through life. You can slowly drift through & see what happens. You can take minimal action & never truly reach the place you aspire to be. Or you can take full control over your life and MAKE IT HAPPEN. The choice is yours.   Your Trading Coach  - Akil Stokes LISTEN TO THE TRADING COACH PODCAST ON iTunes - Spotify - Stitcher - Soundcloud - Akil Stokes on Social media Facebook Instagram Twitter

Russell 2000 breaks support; other indices to follow?
2 days ago by Declan Fallon @ Fallond Picks

A tough close for markets on Friday.  The week finished with a decisive break of support for the Russell 2000 which undercut the prior double bottom - this sets of a bad precedent for other indices. There is still a chance for a 'bear trap' but markets will need to recover 1,465 over the next few days - Monday preferably. To add insult to injury, technicals are all net negative and relative performance accelerated lower.The Dow gave up over 2% but didn't break support. I would be looking...

Do All Gaps Need To Be Filled?
3 days ago by Tom Bruni @ All Star Charts

From the desk of Tom Bruni @BruniCharting There’s a saying among market participants that “all gaps need to be filled” or “all gaps are eventually filled”, but as with most market generalizations, this saying shouldn’t be taken at face value. This post is going to discuss the four types of gaps and explain why this phrase […] The post Do All Gaps Need To Be Filled? appeared first on All Star Charts.

The Micron Dump
3 days ago by SA Most Popular

Bears Return to the $SPY Chart: 12/9/18
3 days ago by Steve Burns @ New Trader U

  Chart courtesy of Last week the China Tariff news event was another sell the news event. This is the second sale the news event, the first was the mid term election relief rally was also sold into. The chart is currently in a huge trading range inside a correction. The 100 day SMA […]