SwingTradeBot now has Comments / A Discussion Forum

March 06, 2023

I am excited to announce the launch of SwingTradeBot's comments / discussion forum! The forum can be reached via the navigation menu at the top of the page. You'll also see some of the forum's comment threads spread throughout the site. Specifically, there are comments in the following places:

  • Individual stock pages
  • End-of Day Scan result pages
  • Intraday Alert pages

So you'll be able to read and/or join the discussion on those topics right from those pages.

You'll find categories in which to discuss other topics within the forum. My hope is that people will ask & answer questions, share their thoughts and opinions, and connect with others who are interested in SwingTradeBot in particular and trading in general. My goal is to create a productive and respectful environment where individuals can come together to learn, grow, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Over the years I've had lots of insightful private conversations with people via email. I'd like for most of those discussions to now happen within the forum, so others can benefit from them. So if you have support issues, feature requests, etc. please post them in the forum. Be sure to search the forum first though, to make sure there's not already a conversation addressing your item.

To ensure that our forum is a positive and informative space, I have created a set of guidelines for people to follow. (They're pinned to the top of the "General" category in the forum.) Those guidelines are designed to promote respectful discussions and to ensure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions.

Comments will be posted under each person's username. The system automatically assigns a randomly generated (silly) username. You can change your username via the Account menu -> Forum/Comments Settings.

I hope the forum / comments will become a valuable resource for traders. I encourage everyone to join in & to share their insights and knowledge with others.

P.S. This is very much an early version of the forum. I'll be adding more functionality and generally tweaking things over the next few weeks. Some of the things on my to-do list are:

  • liking / disliking comments
  • flagging comments for spam/abuse
  • choosing your own avatar
  • notifications on replies to your comments / topics
  • possibly the ability to follow topic and/or people (if people want that)
  • possibly private comments -- this could essentially be a personal (trading) journal

P.P.S. For those of you on the Australian, Canadian, British or OTCBB versions of the site, those site's own forums are the place to discuss individual stocks. However, for more general topics, You may want to also search the US forum for answers / information / tips. There are a lot more people & activity on the US site & it's likely that the your topic will be addressed there.